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A position in Civil Litigation within the business or environmental arenas.


-Present Attorney


Trial attorney in medium-sized,general practice law firm with extensive corporate dealings.Areas of concentration have included environmental,public utility,general business and appellate litigation.

- Assistant District Attorney


Senior Trial Attorney responsible for prosecuting major felony cases in the Superior Court.Supervised criminal instigations and trained assistant district sttorneys.Prosecuted over thirty major felony jury cases including murder,rape,and child abuse.Briefed and argued over forty cases before the supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court.

- Law Clerk/Assistant Town Council


General municipal and appellate litigation.



J.D.,,Cum Laude.


B.A.,Political Science,1975,Magna Cum Laude.


Georgia Bar Association,2000

U.S. District Court for the District of Georgia,2001

Professional and Legal References Available upon Request



简历编号:378828102更新日期:-03-18 21:25:06无照片
姓 名:王xx小姐国 籍:中国
目前住地:广州民 族:汉族
户 籍 地:汕头身高体重:160 cm? kg
婚姻状况:未婚年 龄:23 岁
应聘职位:文教法律类:法务专员 、行政/人事类:行政/人事专员 、:
工作年限:0职 称:无职称
月薪要求:面议希望工作地区:广州 深圳 东莞
工作经历:9月至9月   广州大学法学院         04级新生导生

201月至年2月   汕头市澄海区检察院     实习生

4月至204月   广州市妇联             志愿者

年8月至2006年9月   广东正治律师事务所     实习生

培训经历:9月至7月  广州大学  法学  英语四级 普通话水平测试贰级乙等 计算机一级
外 语:英语 一般  

除此,本人具备良好的.文字写作功底,曾在广州大学校报上发表《五毛钱里一片心》、《授人枚瑰 手有余香》等文章。





Name yjbys gender date of birth

National political affiliation height

Eductional systme degree of census register

Professional legal professional graduate school the central university for nationalities 1992.9-.7

Skills, special or hobbies

Foreign language level six levels of computer proficient in computer and the Internet operation and use

Certificate national lawyer certificate

One shoe calendar

Between the unit/position is responsible for the project

/10 - this XX large state-owned joint-stock enterprises

Legal personnel processing company's daily litigation, non-litigation legal affairs and intellectual property affairs/responsible for prevention law within the scope of the risk, and other departments work together to prevent all kinds of risk/training staff legal knowledge

1995/6-1998/10 XX group company

Lawyers responsible for the company's operation and management activities of the legal affairs/drafting, reviewing the related contract legal documents/developing company legal rules and regulations and legal construction plan/participate in processing company internal and external economic disputes and company major business negotiation

League system party type

Address contact phone number

E-mail mail knitting

Since I evaluation price

Have professional knowledge and rich experience, a knowledge of the various legal documents; Familiar with all kinds of documents, legal text writing; Has strong expression and communication skills; Has strong judgment ability and logical analysis ability; Honest, observe law and discipline; The hobby is widespread, willing to with people, good team spirit.



***, *** ST,

***, **, *****

(***) ***********



Willing to work as a Computer Programmer in the well known IT industry.


B.Tech/B.E. (Computers) from XYZ University, *** in

Summary of Skills and Experience

I am an engineering graduate and have knowledge of implementing software programming skills in designing & developing systems.

Pivotal in C, C++, SQl, Java, HTML, MS Access and Photoshop with exposure in Windows.

Computer Skills

Programming Languages: C, C++, SQL, Java, J2EE (Servlet, JDBC, JSP)

Databases tools: Oracle, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows

Other Skills: Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Flash

Additional Details

Academic Projects

Banking System using C++

Duration: Jan 13 to May 13

Environment: C++

Description: Designed and developed banking system for bank involving basic transactions such as Debiting or Crediting accounts, listing account information of customers, balancing information, editing and deleting accounts etc.



Basic CV

Name: xxx nationality: China

Current location: Guangzhou National: Han

Exit and Entry: Hubei tall: 158 cm ? 50 kg

Marital Status: Single Age: 27 years old

Training Certification: integrity badge:

Job search intention and work experience

Personnel types: ordinary job ?

Position: Administrative / Personnel category: other types of procurement personnel administration, Assistant, Assistant

Work Experience: 4 Title: null

Job type: full-time can be reported for duty - at any time

Monthly requirements: Negotiable hope that the Working Area: Guangzhou

Personal experience: by the end of , Guangzhou --- .9 square Xinmiao village school teachers to challenge themselves to leave so

.4 --- now an office supplies Co., Ltd. Guangdong Account Manager (Sales) is responsible for a certain region of the customer's maintenance and development and the management team. Customer is responsible for the region of the terminal office supplies sales, product quality and service follow-up, the recovery of accounts receivable; new employees basic sales skills and product knowledge training and personnel management; the completion of the company issued sales targets. To find a new starting point and direction to leave so

Educational background

Graduate institutions: Jingzhou Teachers College

Highest level of education: college graduates - 2003-07-01

Studies by one: the law of the Second Science:

By education and training experience: .9 - 2003.7 Jingzhou Teachers College Teacher Certification Law

Computer II

Language ability

Foreign Language: English General

Mandarin level: the level of fine Cantonese: General

The ability to work and other expertise

After four years of training, all I have the ability to upgrade the customer development, customer maintenance, customer management, personnel management has the ability to work independently. Follow-up of the entire order will not only let me have strong communication, coordination, more collaboration with the team. At the same time, can bear hardships and stand hard work and greater pressure to bear, the ability to adapt to the environment is very strong.

Detailed personal autobiography

Can be hard, being honest, and good humor, strong work organization, management and practical ability, the collective concept of a strong collaboration with team spirit, a certain degree of innovation, careful and prudent act, is willing to start from the low, the courage to bear the duty!

Personal Contact



Basic CV

Name: xxx nationality: China

Current location: Guangzhou National: Han

Exit and Entry: Jiangxi tall: 173 cm ? 74 kg

Marital Status: Married Age: 27 years old

Training Certification: integrity badge:

Job search intention and work experience

Personnel types: ordinary job ?

Position: Transportation (land, sea and air) categories: driver

Work Experience: 7 Title: No Title

Job type: full-time can be reported for duty - at any time

Monthly requirements: Negotiable hope that the Working Area: Guangzhou

Personal experience: the Guangdong Border Defense Corps .12-2004.12 demobilization drivers

2005.6-.12 full Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. Guangzhou drivers (the urban area, the Pearl River Delta delivery)

Educational background

Graduate institutions: Public Security Marine Police College

Highest level of education: secondary school - -12-01

Studies by one: the law of the Second Science:

Experienced by the education and training: Public Security Marine Police 2000.4-2001.12 legal Vocational College correspondence

Komatsu secondary 1993.7-.7

Language ability

Foreign Language: English General

Mandarin level: the level of ordinary Chinese: General

The ability to work and other expertise

I can bear hardships and stand hard, 5 years of driving experience. Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta with the road, the road holding a large goods vehicle driver's license. (B license)

Features: Driving

Detailed personal autobiography

Monthly requirements: 2,000

Hope that the Working Area: Tianhe District

Personal Contact


basic cv


nationality: china

current location: guangzhou national: han

exit and entry: jiangxi tall: 173 cm 74 kg

marital status: married age: 27 years old

training certification: integrity badge:

job search intention and work experience

personnel types: ordinary job

position: transportation (land, sea and air) categories: driver

work experience: 7 title: no title

job type: full-time can be reported for duty - at any time

monthly requirements: negotiable hope that the working area: guangzhou

personal experience: the guangdong border defense corps 1999.12-XX.12 demobilization drivers

XX.6-XX.12 full foodstuffs co., ltd. guangzhou drivers (the urban area, the pearl river delta delivery)

educational background

graduate institutions: public security marine police college

highest level of education: secondary school - XX-12-01

studies by one: the law of the second science:

experienced by the education and training: public security marine police XX.4-XX.12 legal vocational college correspondence

komatsu secondary 1993.7-1996.7

language ability

foreign language: english general

mandarin level: the level of ordinary chinese: general

the ability to work and other expertise

i can bear hardships and stand hard, 5 years of driving experience. guangzhou and the pearl river delta with the road, the road holding a large goods vehicle driver's license. (b license)

features: driving

detailed personal autobiography

monthly requirements: 2,000

hope that the working area: tianhe district

personal contact



Successfully conducted litigation in a variety of high-profile cases.

Achieved favorable resolution of complex, often difficult to win cases.

Practiced before administrative boards and arbitrators.

Attained numerous credits in all phases of civil litigation in state and federal courts.


Barnham & Haynes, Washington, D.C.

Senior Associate, January - Present

Represented a diverse group of clients in civil litigation matters.

Met with clients and developed trial strategy based on clients

needs and reccomendations. Litigated each case in full.

Consistently achieved favorable results for clients, including

two verdicts in which the settlement exceeded $2 million.

Bayne & Associates, Baltimore, MD

Associate Attorney, August 1990 - January 1996

Member of trial team that successfully defended Norton Co.

in it’s $6 million coverage litigation. Prepared and argued

motions. Defended depositions. Drafted settlement

conference brief.


Jun. 88

J.D., Yale Law School, New Haven, CT

Activities: Editor of Law Review

Coach, Yale Debate Society

Jun. 84

B.A., History & Government, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Honors: Summa Cum Laude

Beikney Award for most outstanding thesis in history.

National Finalst, Expemporaneous Speaking, AFA


Member of the Bar, State of Virginia, admitted 1990

Contributor, The Western Law Review

Consultant, Equity & Legal Assistance Foundation

Member, Board of Directors, YMCA’s of Greater D.C.

Member, Virginia NARL Board



Basic CV

Name: xxx Nationality: China is now the location: Guangzhou National: Han

Exit and Entry: Qingyuan size: 167 cm 58 kg

Marital Status: Single Age: 29-year-old

Training Certification: integrity badge:

Job search intention and work experience

Personnel types: ordinary job

Position: sales / marketing categories: Marketing Department / Sales Manager, business / marketing and management / operation of a chain planning manager / director of management operations

Work Experience: 8 Title: No Title

Job type: full-time can be reported for duty - a week

Monthly requirements: 3500 - 5000 the hope that the Working Area: Guangzhou

Personal experience: Company Name: South Korea (strains) of natural cosmetics company Jeju beginning and ending date :-11 -06

Company nature: wholly foreign-owned-owned industries: daily life of service

Positions: director of branches in China

Job Description: 1, is responsible for the construction of the Chinese market channels, face cream, facial mask, soap and other products analysis, promotion planning, market positioning, cosmetics consumption habits and consumer groups, analysis, writing product introductions;

2, responsible for the maintenance of the company focus on customers, to offer promotional programs, the overall operation of the company's marketing strategy to write “the implementation of the system of promotions”;

3, to develop the provincial agents, exhibition planning implementation;

4, the development of Jeju, Korea in 2008 the Chinese market planning and sales promotion planning, dealer-depth interviews, drawing up a “charter agents”;

5, distributors planning the implementation of data collection projects, the establishment of marketing databases;

6, to help solve health permits import of cosmetics.

7, the successful expansion of 600 professional cosmetics traders to conduct business negotiations. The establishment of distribution channels.

8, to sell into Jusco, Watson, to achieve depth of understanding of counters and shelves.

Causes of separation: the reasons for enterprise development

Company Name: Hong Kong hairdressing chain IOU beginning and ending date :-02 ~ 2007-10

Company nature: Sino-foreign joint ventures in their respective professions: daily life of service

Positions: Chief Operating Officer

Job Description: Duties:

1, is responsible for the development of the Headquarters Group of the overall chain of operations, including investment planning, investment implementation, management, and other stores to join the planning and implementation of monitoring operation;

2, leading the development of the Department of 4 people, 2 Marketing, Finance Department 2, Human Resources 2 operating program of activities to complete the formulation, implementation and monitoring; complete joining of the district to develop the analysis (site), decoration, staff recruitment, shop materials preparation, monitoring of suppliers;

3, market information collection, collation, analysis, statistics;

4, the logistics and inventory, goods traffic is expected to be reasonable, monitoring, adjustment; the financial situation of the monitoring, operating cost control and data analysis;

5, the coordination of operations manager of the dealer management controls, internal and external training programs and the effect of the formulation and implementation of assessment; (external means stores)

6, to write and organize the implementation of “high-performance communication training”, “career planning”, “List Total operating (including investment manuals, recruitment manual, training manuals, site selection manual decoration, logistics management manuals, shop management handbook, etc.)” , “negotiation skills training investment,” “beauty salons financing system,” “beauty salons culture system.”


1, a successful chain of 11 stores to expand, and began operating.

2, lead the Operations Center to create a profit from zero income.

Causes of separation: the abolition of the development direction of

Company Name: Unicom Yellow Pages Information Co., Ltd. beginning and ending date :-02 ~ 2004-02

Company nature: wholly foreign-owned-owned industries: advertising, planning, marketing

Positions: Director of Marketing Promotion

Job Description: Duties:

1, the planning and implementation of marketing activities, brand promotion projects, research projects, the association of public relations activities;

2, responsible for ad exchange program, the program ad project planning, implementation;

3, is responsible for planning and implementation of market development activities;

4, storage management, document management, data processing and so on, the promotion of economic contracts related to the project of writing.


1, 389 to open up the whole office in Guangzhou and 865 commercial and residential, the implementation of a comprehensive 4-year issue.

2, the performance of the average annual increase of more than 50%.

Leaving reasons: personal development

Educational background

Graduate institutions: Guangdong Institute of Public Administration

Highest level of education: college graduates - 2000-07-01

Studies by one: the law of the Second Science: Business Administration

By education and training experience: the termination of the start date school years (institutions) to obtain a certificate of professional certificate number

1994-09 -07 Qingyuan City in the first high school graduation certificate

Guangdong Institute of Public Administration 1997-09 2000-07 Diploma Law

-05 1999-05 Dasheng integrated marketing agency market research skills in technical courses

1999-06 1999-06 Colgate - Palmolive Company distribution depth technical courses

-09 2002-09 School of Management, Hong Kong white-collar world sales techniques Course

-09 2003-09 School of Management, Hong Kong white-collar world of technical management skills courses

South China University of Technology 2004-06 2004-08 marketing courses permit dynamic

2007-09 -07 control South China University of Technology Institute of the Public Reading MBA in Marketing

Language ability

Foreign Languages: English well

Mandarin level: the level of proficiency in Cantonese: proficient

The ability to work and other expertise

1, familiar with the planning and implementation of marketing, sales team training, the shop in charge of training, planning and implementation of exhibitions, print media planning and implementation issues;

2, the brand planning, the operation of franchise systems, market research, legal process, official familiar with the writing;

3, familiar with the brand promotion, market planning, channel development;

4, a pioneering and creativity, can be carried out assessment and analysis of customer, there is the experience of joining the regional investment;

Detailed personal autobiography

A positive attitude, team spirit, conscientious and responsible, independent initiative, critical thinking.


Name: miss YJBYS nationality: China

At present location: baiyun area national: the han nationality

The registered permanent address locus: guangdong province figure: 158 cm kg

Marital status: single age: 23

Job objective and work experience

Talent type: ordinary job

Applied position: project implementation/coordinator, training assistant, senior secretary/assistant manager/secretary:

Term: the title:

Job type: full-time available date: at any time

Monthly salary requirement: 2000 -- 3500 hope work areas: huang yuexiu district of the tianhe district

Work experience:

Company name: guangzhou walk high software development co., LTD

Start-stop years: -01 ~

The company properties: a wholly foreign owned by sector: computer software

In the position of: project implementation specialist

Job duties:

1, the conduct customer basic material collection, understand the basic information of the customer.

2, through the preliminary understanding customer needs sorting into file for departments of the handover.

3, medium-term data editing, according to the demand of customer production for customers to use menu information, make menu information technology, better adapt to the needs of the restaurant.

Education background

Graduate school: guangzhou city vocational college

The highest degree: college graduation date: the 2011-06-01

Major one: secretary (news) major 2:

By education training experience:

Language ability

Language: English generally

Mandarin level: good cantonese level: good

Self evaluation

To better handle emergencies. According to the different needs of customers for different training plan. Processing file editor. In official document writing.


Name: yjbys gender: female

Age: 27 years old hobby:

E-mail: the telephone number:

Address: chongqing urban road, zip code:

Work experience

February -now software technology Co., LTD market development commissioner


Mainly responsible for Beijing, chongqing and most of the northern city of market organization, development, planning work;

Participate in the company product promotion activities;

Organizations to participate in various scale of the exhibition, and successfully planning “high-quality goods promotion activity”;

Training situation

* English through the national CET six level of test, through the Beijing graduate degree in English unified examination, english-chinese translation fluent expression.

* good at using Internet to various the exchange of information, and has a certain website construction, planning experience

* skillfully use HTML, Frontpage98 operation tools such as production of various types of web pages and the special effects figure

* skilled operate Windows platform of the various types of applications (such as Word97, Ecel97, Powerpoint

Education background

September -July tianjin polytechnic institute economic management bachelor degree

Professional expertise and skills

Have good business ability and psychological quality, keen on market organization, management and planning work;

Rich product analysis, positioning ability;

Accumulated rich business negotiation skills and have higher customer development ability;


Name: YJBYS Gender: Male

Data of Birth: June 11, 1980

Marriage Status: Single

Major: Business Administration

Graduate school: ******* University

Degree: Bachelor Degree

Email: **********

Phone: (010) xxxx-xxxx

Fax: (010) xxxx-xxxx

Address: ******************* District, Beijing


To obtain a challenging position as a managerial assistant, especially in Human Resource Management


.9 - .9 Dept of Business Administration, Undergraduate School of Beijing University bachelor degree

2000.9 -now, Dept of Law, Graduate School of South China Normal University

Academic Main Courses:

Management of Human Resources

Production and Operation Management


personal information

name: yjbys

Nationality:China (Mainland)

Current Place:Guangzhou

Height/Weight:155 cm 40 kg

Marital Status:Single

Age:27 years

Career Objective

Application type:Jobseeker

Preferred job title:HR Specialist/Assistant: Human Resources Assistant 、Admin Specialist/Assistant: 、Secretary/Office Clerk:

Working life:4Title:primary title

Job type:Full timeExpected Start date:In a day

Expected salary:¥3000~¥4499Preferred working place:Guangzhou Tianhe Yuexiu

Work experience

Company"s name:****CO., Limited Begin and end date: 2010-03-2012-03

Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry:

Job Title:Purchasing Assistant

Job description:In work period is mainly responsible for handling purchasing clerical work. Assist other departments of the need, and contact the manufacturers to discuss the price, good order office supplies and other office work, and is responsible for the goods for export credit and personnel management, contract management and archiving canteen management.

Reasons for leaving:Personal reasons

Educational Background

Name of School:Guangzhou city transportation specialized secondary schools

Highest Degree:Technical secondary schoolDate of Graduation:2007-07-01

Name of Major 1:Computer softwareName of Major 2:

Education experience:Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No

Language Ability

Foreign Language:EnglishLevel:normal

Chinese level:perfectCantonese Level:perfect

Relevant skills and abilities

Myself work earnestly, as were positive, self-motivated, good psychological quality. Work hard, work has achieved good results, obtained the leadership and colleagues praise. Computer proficiency.

Self-recommendation letter

I am cheerful, hard-working; strong sense of responsibility, active and responsible, dependable and able, has the strong organization ability and the coordinated ability, strong sense of learning initiative, good team cooperation ability, I will be full of enthusiasm to the job, hope that are engaged in the field dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased.